Light is life

Light experts experiment with light.
Come and experience how light affects your life

10.00 am – 06.00 pm

With the exception of Wednesday and Thursday (10.00 am – 07.30 pm)

Stadhuisplein 1
5611EM Eindhoven


Access: Free
Target group: Everybody

Experimental spaces

At the stadhuisplein a number of experimental spaces have been created in which you get challenged to think about the future of light in the city.

How does light affects your life?

About what light does in everyday life
and you probably do not even notice.

Students of St. Lucas are investigating with The Lux Lab (Ellen de Vries) four different themes of light:


The influence of light on behavior
The influence of light on activity
The influence of light on identity
The influence of light on atmosphere

How can we soften a hard city?

How do you ‘soften’ the public space by means of light? Consider safety, visibility and viability. Look and experience the difference.

An underpass is often a crowded place. It’s tough, hard, unfriendly. But what if we make a place to play with light? Because just the lack of light allows you to play with artificial light. Artificial light can not compete with daylight unless you are willing to consume a lot of energy.


A study of Fontys students together with The Lux Lab | Ellen de Vries & Studio Philip Ross.

How natural can artificial light be?

But what is natural light? Do we want bright or even dusk light? And how does light determine the design of our urban environment? Search with us for answers.

Students of the TU/e – together with lighting architect Har Hollands and university teacher Mariëlle Aarts – research aspects of daylight as a light trip from the cosmos. Through the atmosphere we reach out to earth and zoom in on what light does in the city and how it affects our daily lives.


This is research, where the question of how light can contribute to different social scenarios is central.

What do you want to change in the city?

Everyone is a designer. How, in your opinion, can the liveability in the city being improved by light? We work out the best ideas in your neighborhood.

In five experimental areas, we start with the construction of a smart light grid and the replacement of outdated public lighting through intelligent LED luminaires. In the areas we test – together with residents – existing and newly developed products and services that improve the quality of life of the neighborhood.