When the city of light is dark

18:30 – 23:00

NRE Terrein

Access: Free

Eindhoven at night
Eindhoven filmmaker Dré Didderiëns has realized a serene poetic film about Eindhoven at night in close cooperation with producer Lian Brok, Orwoet Foundation for cultural and socially relevant projects, and Omroep Brabant (provincial broadcasting) in the context of ‘Brabant Beauties’, the best provincial documentaries.


A film that is calling the magic atmosphere of the night. The city of light presented to the viewer as an arena for fantasy stories and for its nightly visitors.


‘Remarkable of Eindhoven in my view is the expectation and hope that this city is radiating, patiently waiting in scaffolding to get more beautiful. At the same time, I hope that my vision at Eindhoven, my emotional and intuitive approach as a filmmaker will transcend the local, showing a universal story about the city at night as a concept.’


You can find more information about dré at www.dredidderiens.nl/photography


Good to know

The film starts exactly at the beginning of every hour.

Duration: 35 minutes. Language: Dutch (English subtitles)

Take your time to experience the cinematic atmosphere in the very heart of the city to the max.

Please don’t enter the hall after commencement.



Dré Didderiëns

Dré Didderiëns is an Eindhoven filmmaker, visual artist and photographer. He still lives in Eindhoven. His work can be characterized by a particularly imagery style and a wordless view. Dré mainly produces personal documentaries and short experimental films. Previous films of Dré have been featured on the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht.