Playground Energy

Playground Energy
Playground Energy has developed equiment that motivate children and adults to play outside again. The products harvest their energy and transform it to electricity which activates other outdoor equipment with for exemple light and sound.


We see more and more children playing at home with electronic devices instead of enjoying outdoor playgrounds. This fact, along with the change in our eating habits are the two main reasons for the increasing of obesity with children. We decided to do something about it creating new and exciting experiences for children at the playgrounds.


The products harvest different types of energy and transform this to lights, sounds and Bluetooth controls of outdoor equipment, such as fountains and street lighting, which allows children to play more and to become healthy and happy. The concept ‘Playground for the whole family’ allows parents to join the game element by using our solar benches or kinetic street equipment.



Ilian Milinov
Industrial Designer

Playground Energy designs and manufactures playground equipment, street fitness equipment and urban furniture. We strive to rediscover the first game platform – the playground on a new and educational way.