Interactive Jacket

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Technologic developments are shaping every day life.
In particular how we relate to each other. And in many ways that is very exciting! Technology makes communications easier, faster and cheaper.


But there are also downsides. We can miss a deeper level of communication.
We can send information rather than conducting real conversations.
We need to be aware of the developments of technology. How technology
shapes the way we see each other and the world around us.


I want to put human beings in the centre! Implementing technology into our real life interactions. Mixing the digital world with the physical. Supporting real contact in the real world.


The Interactive Jacket is born out of that vision. This is a physical jacket combined with technology. The jacket can be linked with social media. Via an application on your mobile device you can select your preferences. Based on these preferences the Interactive Jacket communicates through light with other people as soon as they are nearby and match your interests. This can be related to dating, networking, or spontaneous meetings on the street. The Jacket can also be used for festivals, interacting with the beats of the music to enlarge the experience.


We live in a really exciting time in history! How do we want to shape it?



Henk Jan Room

I’m Henk-Jan Room, a Design Entrepreneur and founder of Room for Concepts. From my studio in the Hague, I devise my own projects as well as working on client commissions. Focussing on projects that shape technology and meet human needs. My background in Industrial Product Design, combined with a solid network of engineers, software programmers and manufacturers, drives new concepts from inspired theory to seamless execution! As a designer I want to inspire and enable human beings to connect. Encouraging real life interactions that lead to meaningful connections.